About Us

In business since 1984, Insync Engineering Solutions provides comprehensive power conversion, thermal and EMI system solutions to hundreds of commercial, industrial, military and aerospace customers in the Rocky Mountain region.

Headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, Insync represents a select group of manufacturers who specialize in designing and manufacturing leading edge, power conversion, thermal and EMI products and services.

Additionally, Insync can provide engineered electro-mechanical solutions, quick turn prototypes and contract manufacturing services.  Together with the companies that we represent, we can offer a wide range of products and services that are specifically designed to meet each customers unique requirements.

We love it when we can provide our customers with comprehensive engineering solutions.

Today's leading edge systems require integrated power, thermal and EMI solutions.

First, our customers can rely on IES expertise to provide comprehensive solutions that include highly efficient power supplies, DC-DC or AC-DC converters. 

Second, heat is the enemy of today's electronic hardware. IES can provide blowers, cooling fans, heat sinks, heat pipes and thermal interface materials that can neutralize heat in the system.  

Third, IES has been providing comprehensive EMI solutions for over 30 years. With our understanding of FCC requirements, we can work with your engineering team and provide comprehensive, cost-effective and FCC compliant solutions that could include shielding at the board or enclosure level, EMI filters and ferrites to insure signal integrity.

Finally, IES can provide highly reliable electro-mechanical components such as relays, solenoids, custom metal components manufactured from light metals that are photo-etched or stamped, and die castings that are either cast or extruded. Additionally, IES can also provide quick-turn PCB assemblies as well as contract manufacturing services. 

While our military and aerospace customers require many of the same products and services as our commercial and industrial customers, we recognize that unique requirements also exist. IES has years of experience dealing with these unique requirements and can provide a full range of specialty products in the domains of power, thermal and EMI.

IES is a professional component and systems manufacturer's representative serving the region for over 30 years. The companies that we represent provide reliable, leading edge and cost-effective products.  Our close and long-term relationships with these suppliers insure that you, our customers, will receive the best possible solution to your component or system question. By working with your engineering and sourcing team, IES looks forward to showing you what we can do for you.